Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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 Edith Shain, nurse whose V-J kiss with sailor in Times Square immortalized in Life photo, dies at 91

Wednesday, June 23rd 2010, 4:27 PM

The nurse whose celebratory V-J Day kiss with an exuberant sailor in Times Square was immortalized in an iconic photograph has died.
Edith Shain was 91 and passed away without ever really knowing for sure who planted the kiss on her while photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt captured the epic moment with his camera.
While Shain waited until the 1970s to come forward to say she was the woman in the Life magazine picture, the identity of the sailor remains in dispute.

And here is how Eisensaedt recalled the moment:

"There were thousands of people milling around, in side streets and everywhere. Everybody was kissing each other...And there was also a Navy man running, grabbing anybody, you know, kissing. I ran ahead of him because I had Leica cameras around my neck, focused from 10 feet to infinity. You only had to shoot...I didn't even know what was going on, until he grabbed something in white. And I stood there, and they kissed. And I snapped five times."
                       --From "The Great Life Photographers," Bulfinch, 2004

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