Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Markus and Indrani

                                Indrani and Klinko are indeed TV worthy

Back from a few days off, recuperating from "covering" the premier party for Double Exposure, the new Bravo reality show about the photographic team of Markus Klinko and Indrani. If you haven't seen the program, which airs on Tuesdays. Here's the plot: Markus, a tall blond German who used to play the harp in classical orchestras but later taught himself photography, and Indrani, a former model who taught herself Photoshop and once dated Klinko and remained as his creative partner even after they broke up (still following me?) roam the earth in search of celebrities (Lady Gaga, Beyonce, etc.) to photograph. Markus dresses in T-shirts and leather jackets and Indrani wears really tight, short dresses, and the pair spend a lot of time in each episode screaming at each other. It's kind of wonderful.

My exceptional friend Kayla (who runs Sony's excellent Artisans of Imagery program) and I fought our way through a crowd filled with very, very tall women with large hands and the men who love them to say hello to Markus, who was wearing a denim jacket despite the heat. I know he tends to get into fights with people--sometimes the celebs he shooting--but he's actually a very nice guy with a welcome lack of ego. Indrani, wearing gold lame, was stationed at the step-and-repeat, posing, and she is more beautiful than I remembered. Be sure to catch this curious, funny, and talented pair on TV.

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