Friday, June 4, 2010

Photo of the Week: Going down, down, down

                                The entrance to Michael Bay's private screening room

That sinkhole in Guatamala is so visually shocking that it is hard to believe it’s real. According to this source, it is 60 feet across and 30 stories deep. But it’s the shape—clean all around and straight down—that makes it look like a pathway to some netherworld, and as a metaphor, it's powerful enough to encompass an accumulated human history of fear and villainy. Let's see...who might we find toiling away in the warren of warm offices way down there? Osama bin Laden? Check. Dick Cheney? His secure field office. Professor Moriarty? So that's where he ended up. Tony Hayward? It gets the BP CEO even closer to his out-of-control well. And let's keep an eye out for Richard III, Hans Landa; Rush Limbaugh; Hannibal Lechter, Roger Clemens, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Michael Corleone, Michael Bay, and a number of magazine publishers I have known.

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