Friday, February 25, 2011

Photos of the Week: Fashion, Libya, and Uganda

My weekly roundup of photography from newspapers and magazines is up today at Le Lettre de la Photographie. Here's a sample:

1. Fashion Week

There are lots of ways to shoot fashion. I've found that photojournalists often approach the fashion scene they way they would an exotic culture. In this shot, a patron of New York's Mercedes Fashion Week enters the festivities under the watchful eye of some of fashion's deities. Photo by Timothy A. Clary/ AFP/Getty Images.

 Jeff Mermelstein, a noted New York street photographer, went to Paris to cover Fashion Week there. He underscored the theatrical nature of it all in this shot of model Frida Gustavsson and photographer William Klein at a rehearsal for the Lanvin show.

2. The Arab World

 Revolution spread to Libya this week, shaking the rule of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi. This image was obtained by the AP, and it reportedly shows demonstrators in the city of Benghazi, facing into the winds of change.

 In Bahrain, demonstrators used rocks to spell out messages in the city of Manama. The Arabic message at the center reads, "Down with the gangster government." Photo by Hasan Jamali/AP

3. Winter

 Will it ever end? Before it does, let's consider how much fun it can be. Here's another shot from above: Students in Tokyo playing in the snow on February 15. Photo by Kyodo/Reuters

4. Uganda

 New York Times photographer Todd Heisler covered the recent elections in Uganda, and told the story by shooting posters plastered on walls across the country. Everywhere, it seemed, was the face of President Yoweri Museveni, who ended up winning another term with two-thirds of the vote.

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