Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photos in the News: The Hands of Protest

I've posted about the importance of hand in news pictures before, but I was reminded again when I looked through some of the astonishing images of uprisings in the Arab world taken over the past week. In one way or another, in each of the photos here, it is hands that draw initial attention. Eyes and faces are like books you have to read; hands reach out to tell their stories instantly (which of course is the goal of a news photo). In protest, we see hands that accuse, hands that shield, hands that threaten, hands that plead, hands that say "Enough."

In Ivory Coast, supporters of incumbant President  Laurent Gbagbo show their allegiance at a rally on January 9. Photo by REBECCA BLACKWELL/AP

 In Tripoli, a supporter of former Prime Minister Saad Harari carves up a poster of the man who will replace him, Hezhollah's Najib Migati on January 26. Photo by JOSEPH EID/GETTY IMAGES

 In Tunis, protesters rallied in front of the offices of Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouch on January 25. Photo by CHRISTOPHER FURLONG/GETTY IMAGES

 In Ivory Coast, a supporter of the opposition candidate, former Prime Minister Konan Bedie demonstrates outside his headquarters on November 4, 2010. Photo by JEROME DELAY/AP

 In Tirana, Albania, mourners paid respect as they passed the spot where three demonstrators were shot and killed during anti-government protests. Photo by ANDREW TESTA FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES

 In Cairo, hands were raised in defense and attack as demonstrators clash with police. Photo by GORAN TOMASEVIC/REUTERS

 In Yemen, anti-government protesters marched in the southern province Lahji. REUTERS PHOTO

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