Friday, October 15, 2010

Photos of the Week: Chilean Resurrection

Orpheus descended to the underworld to save Eurydice, but his uncontrolled gaze sent her back  for eternity. And on and on. Our literature, our art, and of course our religion is filled with visions of resurrection, so it's no wonder that images of the rescue of 33 Chilean miners this week captivated us so. Like Orpheus, we could not help but gaze as they were pulled from below, one by one, in a coffin-like capsule. The great Big Picture blog of the Boston Globe has put together the best photos of this week's events; the following is a brief selection that underscore the old story at the heart of this story.

1. Darkness 

A nighttime view of the rescue effort. Photo by Ivan Alvarado/Reuters
2. Descent

A video capture of rescuers testing the rescue capsule. Photo AFP/Getty
3. Porthole

Workers look into hole as capsule is lowered on October 12/ Photo by Hugo Infante/Chilean Government via Getty Images
4. Underworld

A frame from video camera inside mine shows miner being lifted. Chilean Government Photo via Reuters
 5. Risen

A mounted camera records the perspective of the rescued during a test. Chilean Government via AP
6. Shadow

Rescued miner Alex Vega hugs his wife. Photo by Hugo Infante/Chilean Government/AP
7. Prayer
A resident of nearby Copiapo, Chile. Photo by Mariana Bazo/Reuters

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