Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comment and Correction from Jacques

I recently posted about the "new porn" as exemplified by a magazine named Jacques, and today I heard back from the publication's founder and photographer, Jonathan Leder. He took exception to my comparing his work with that of Richard Kern, and corrected a caption mistake I made:
Richard Kern?  Bad locations, ugly girls, tattoos.  Totally not our vibe . Also,  they lady in the car with me is my WIFE.  Have you heard of those?   And we have a Son.  Jack. Who the magazine is named after.  And another son on the way. 
 Sorry about that, Jonathan, and as per your suggestion that I do better fact-checking....point taken. Still think some of your pictures have the Richard Kern vibe, but I mean that as a good thing. Regarding the baby, mazzeltov!

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