Friday, April 8, 2011

The Week in Photos: Brooke Shield; Prince William; Mark Zuckerberg

My weekly photo review is up at Le Lettre de la's the usual sampling.

1. William and Grandmother

The is a photo pool image shot by Christopher Furlong for the New York Times. That lady in the red coat  is Queen Elizabeth II, visiting a Royal Air Force Base in Wales. She was greeted there by her grandson, the soon-to-be-married Prince William, who is stationed at the base as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. The man at right is the Queen's husband, and William's grandfather, Prince Philip. Perhaps William is admiring the Queen's sensible shoes. We just don't know, because photos don't talk.

2. Ageless Brooke

Allure magazine's April issue has a heartening piece about ageless beauty--heartening, because it is illustrated with portraits of former supermodels who, while of a certain age, maintain a high degree of incredibleness. The pictures were all shot by Patrick Demarchelier, a photographer who also maintains incredibleness. Brooke Shield managed to keep it all real, though: She told the magazine that when she drinks too much, or doesn't get enough sleep, she looks five years older. 

3. Mark of Success

The April issue of Success magazine features a cover shot of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, shot by photographer Jill Greenberg. A few years ago Greenberg stirred up some controversy by taking pictures of crying toddlers. She's also shot bears, monkeys, John McCain, and I suppose other species as well. She has a signature style that always seems to make her subjects look both familiar and alien. Imagine a Venn diagram, where one circle represents "cute" and the other represents "scary." In the overlapping area, you'd find this image of Zuckerberg.

4. Red Riders

Ivory Coast's embattled Laurent Gbagbo seems to be on his way out--hiding in a bunker, the last I heard. In this photo by Philippe Lsiazek for AFP, which shows fighters loyal to Gbagbo, we see what the past weeks of life have been like there.

5. Muammer Love

Another embattled leader, Libya's Muammer el-Qaddafi, seems to be holding onto power, despite NATO intervention. This Qaddafi supporter, photographed in Tripoli by Moises Saman for the New York Times, is happy to have him stay. Very happy, it would appear.

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