Friday, March 11, 2011

The Week in Photos: Days of Rage

 My weekly review of photography from newspapers and magazines is up today at Le Lettre de la Photographie. Here is a sample:

1. Ivory Coast: Palpable Rage

The country erupted into turmoil this week as protests against the rule of President Laurent Gbagbo met resistance from security forces loyal to him. (Curiously, every reference "security forces loyal to Gbagbo," rather than "Gbagbo's s security forces," which suggests the president's rule may be less than firm.) These anti-Gbagbo demonstrators gathered in a section of Abidjan where six women had been killed. The picture makes their rage palpable. Photo by Issouf Sanogo/AFP/ Getty Images.

2. Libya: Precarious Moment

Rebels hold a man accused of being loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi. The revolution in Libya turned sharply this week from popular demonstration to violent civil war, and the photography has followed suit. This image, which captures the precarious moment between life and death, might be a useful visual metaphor. Photo by Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

3. Tunisia: Rapid Transit

 Egyptians living in Libya have been fleeing the country, and as this picture shows they're leaving as quickly as possible: The bus this man is boarding is leaving a refugee camp near Euchoucha, Tunisia. Photo by Joel Saget/AFP

4. Afghanistan: Fog of War

 An Afghan army recruit takes part in a graduation ceremony at a military training center in Kabul. Perhaps we can view this picture as another metaphor: The U.S., which has made the training of an effective Afghan army a centerpiece of its war policy, certainly hopes the force will be more than smoke and mirrors. Photo by Ahmad Masood/Reuters

5. Yemen: Roller-Coaster of Emotions

 Revolutions have their ups and downs. Here, anti-government protesters in the nation's capital show that an uproar can be a lot of fun, as long as you're not the one going up. Photo by Muhammed Muheisen/AP


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